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Frankfurt Paperworld Container and New Products in Frankfurt

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Pantone - ...

Pantone is a world renowned authority for colors. With its products, services and designs it has been an inspiration to many, in colorful discoveries and expression for creativity for over 50 years.

In more than 100 countries Pantone products and colors are used in graphic design, fashion, home, interiors, plastics, architecture, paint, industrial design and consumer markets every year. Our products and colors…

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Spiral, bound, seamstress, nature-friendly, quality, striped, checkered, school, office, special, modern, classic, black, kraft, colorful ...…

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Pens & Bags

School, office, makeup, everyday, travel, modern, different, tear-free, wet, antibacterial, environmentally friendly, thin, light, washable, UV protected

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Luxury Stationery

High quality, style, world's finest leather cover, best paper, high density black and white paper colors ...

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Desktop Supplies

White, black, planner, calendar, memo pad, weekly, monthly, daily, office, school ...

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